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Aluminium Fencing 01
Aluminium Fencing 02
Aluminium Fencing 03
Aluminium Fencing 04
Aluminium Fencing 05
Aluminium Fencing 06
Aluminium Fencing 07
Aluminium Fencing 08
Aluminium Fencing 09
Aluminium Fencing 10
Aluminium Fencing 11
Aluminium Fencing 12
Aluminium Fencing 13
Aluminium Fencing 14
Aluminium Fencing 15
Aluminium Fencing 16
Aluminium Fencing 17
Aluminium Fencing 18
Aluminium Fencing 19
Aluminium Fencing 20
Aluminium Fencing 21
Aluminium Fencing 22
Aluminium Fencing 23
Aluminium Fencing 24
Aluminium Fencing 25
Aluminium Fencing 26
Aluminium Fencing 27
Aluminium Fencing 28
Aluminium Fencing 29
Aluminium Pool Fencing 01
Aluminium Pool Fencing 02
Aluminium Pool Fencing 03
Aluminium Pool Fencing 04
Aluminium Pool Fencing 05
Aluminium Pool Fencing 06
Aluminium Pool Fencing 07
Aluminium Pool Fencing 08
Aluminium Pool Fencing 09
Aluminium Pool Fencing 10
Aluminium Pool Fencing 11
Aluminium Pool Fencing 12
Aluminium Pool Fencing 13
Aluminium Pool Fencing 14
Aluminium Pool Fencing 15
Aluminium Pool Fencing 16
Balinese Gazebo 01
Balinese Gazebo 02
Balinese Gazebo 03
Balinese Gazebo 04
Balinese Gazebo 05
Balinese Gazebo 06
Balinese Gazebo 07
Balinese Gazebo 08
Balinese Gazebo 09
Balinese Gazebo 10
Balinese Gazebo 11
Balinese Gazebo 12
Balinese Gazebo 13
Balinese Gazebo 14
Balinese Gazebo 15
Balinese Gazebo 16
Balinese Gazebo 17
Colorbond Fencing 01
Colorbond Fencing 02
Colorbond Fencing 03
Colorbond Fencing 04
Colorbond Fencing 05
Colorbond Fencing 06
Colorbond Fencing 07
Colorbond Fencing 08
Colorbond Fencing 09
Colorbond Fencing 10
Colorbond Fencing 11
Colorbond Fencing 12
Colorbond Fencing 13
Colorbond Fencing 14
Colorbond Fencing 15
Colorbond Fencing 16
Colorbond Fencing 17
Colorbond Fencing 18
Colorbond Fencing 19
Galvanised Steel Fencing 01
Galvanised Steel Fencing 02
Galvanised Steel Fencing 03
Galvanised Steel Fencing 04
Galvanised Steel Fencing 05
Galvanised Steel Fencing 06
Galvanised Steel Fencing 07
Galvanised Steel Fencing 08
Galvanised Steel Fencing 09
Galvanised Steel Fencing 10
Glass Pool Fencing 01
Glass Pool Fencing 02
Glass Pool Fencing 03
Glass Pool Fencing 04
Glass Pool Fencing 05
Glass Pool Fencing 06
Glass Pool Fencing 07
Glass Pool Fencing 08
Glass Pool Fencing 09
Glass Pool Fencing 10
Glass Pool Fencing 11
Glass Pool Fencing 12
Glass Pool Fencing 13
Glass Pool Fencing 14
Glass Pool Fencing 15
Glass Pool Fencing 16
Glass Pool Fencing 17
Glass Pool Fencing 18
Glass Pool Fencing 19
Glass Pool Fencing 20
Glass Pool Fencing 21
Glass Pool Fencing 22
Glass Pool Fencing 23
Glass Pool Fencing 24
Glass Pool Fencing 25
Glass Pool Fencing 26
Glass Pool Fencing 27
Glass Pool Fencing 28
Glass Pool Fencing 29
Glass Pool Fencing 30
Glass Pool Fencing 31
Cat Playground
Playground 36
Playground 37
Playground 38
Playground 39
Playground 40
Playground 41
Playground 42
Powdercoat 01
Powdercoat 02
Powdercoat 03
Security Fencing 01
Security Fencing 02
Security Fencing 03
Security Fencing 04
Security Fencing 05
Security Fencing 06
Slatted Aluminium 01
Slatted Aluminium 02
Slatted Aluminium 03
Slatted Aluminium 04
Slatted Aluminium 05
Slatted Aluminium 06
Slatted Aluminium 07
Slatted Aluminium 08
Slatted Aluminium 09
Slatted Aluminium 10
Slatted Aluminium 11
Slatted Aluminium 12
Slatted Aluminium 13
Slatted Aluminium 14
Slatted Aluminium 15
Slatted Aluminium 16
Slatted Aluminium 17
Slatted Aluminium 18
Slatted Aluminium 19
Slatted Aluminium 20
Slatted Aluminium 21
Slatted Aluminium 22
Slatted Aluminium 23
Slatted Aluminium 24
Slatted Aluminium 25
Slatted Aluminium 26
Slatted Aluminium 27
Slatted Aluminium 28
Slatted Aluminium 29
Slatted Aluminium 30
Slatted Aluminium 31
Slatted Aluminium 32
Slatted Aluminium 33
Slatted Aluminium 34
Slatted Aluminium 35
Slatted Aluminium 36
Slatted Aluminium 37
Slatted Aluminium 38
Slatted Aluminium 39
Slatted Aluminium 40
Slatted Aluminium 41
Sliding Swinging Gate 01
Sliding Swinging Gate 02
Sliding Swinging Gate 03
Sliding Swinging Gate 05
Sliding Swinging Gate 06
Sliding Swinging Gate 07
Sliding Swinging Gate 04
Sliding Swinging Gate 08
Sliding Swinging Gate 09
Sliding Swinging Gate 10
Sliding Swinging Gate 11
Sliding Swinging Gate 12
Sliding Swinging Gate 13
Sliding Swinging Gate 14
Sliding Swinging Gate 15
Sliding Swinging Gate 16
Sliding Swinging Gate 17
Timber Fencing 01
Timber Fencing 02
Timber Fencing 03
Timber Fencing 04
Timber Fencing 05
Timber Fencing 06
Timber Fencing 07
Timber Fencing 08
Timber Fencing 09
Timber Fencing 10
Timber Fencing 11
Timber Fencing 12
Timber Fencing 14
Timber Fencing 15
Timber Fencing 16
Timber Fencing 17
Timber Fencing 18
Timber Fencing 19
Timber Fencing 20
Glass Pool Fencing 37
Glass Pool Fencing 38
Glass Pool Fencing 39
Glass Pool Fencing 40
Glass Pool Fencing 33
Glass Pool Fencing 34
Glass Pool Fencing 35
Glass Pool Fencing 36
Aluminium Pool Fencing 17
Aluminium Pool Fencing 18


29-31 Auscan Cresent, Garbutt
Townsville QLD 4814
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What Our Customers Think!

My dealings with the fencing factory were great
They were professional and a pleasure to deal with
The blokes that installed the fence were amazing!


Fantastic service very happy with it.


Glen was positive and accomodating to our needs and budget, and Josh and the team did a superb job on the build with top class workmanship. Thank you!


Great service. Glenn and his team delivered exactly what was asked for, and quoted on. The boys did a great job in the install. Cannot recommend them enough.

Grant Murphy

Fantastic company. They even worked over the weekend so I could get my fence installed asap. Thanks guys, much appreciated


Very competitive price. Good explanation of how the job was to be done. A small manufacturing error was fixed.

Trevor and Susan Beams

Excellent 5 Star


Fence looks great and enhances street appeal. A professional job well done. Staff are also professional and polite


Fantastic job! Off to work fully assured that the new fencing will keep my dogs in and safe and keep trespassers out. Great and advise and excellent service.
Thanks Guys!


Great job, very happy with the result

Chris Barnes

Great service! Reliable, came when they said they would. Polite, left the area tidy when job completed. Fence looks great! Highly recommend The Fencing Factory.


Job well done. Installation went ahead in tough working conditions.


Super Job!

Mike Buck

I thought it would be a difficult fence to erect - however from Glen going through the options to the end result - great job!


Thanks to Ben and the team for a great all round product, service & hassle free installation. My wife feels quite safe now with our 2m flash gate.


Great work.
Recommend more communication with clients when team coming to install.
Pleased with end product.

Gary and Joy

Would just like to pass on a huge thank you to all at the Fencing Factory for a job well done. We love our new fence. Special thanks to Ben for your advise.

Brett and Carol

Outstanding service and workmanship - I knew I had chosen the right company when I walked into their office and was greeted by a dog. ) - and I was right. )


I would just like to say a huge thank you to The Fencing Factory for an excellent job from start to finish with my front fence. Ben was a wonderful consultant and was very informative, polite and... Read More

Kim Field

The team at The Fencing Factory are fantastic! Fantastic for the following reasons: very easy to deal with, responds promptly to emails/calls/txts, honest, reliable and works hard to give you exactly... Read More


Great service from initial phone call right through to the finished product. Professional caring staff that listen to their customers and deliver on promises.


I would like to say thank you to all the staff I have come into contact with during this exercise. Thank you for the great service and taking the stress out of just one more little thing in my life.... Read More

Esther Caldwell

The fence looks great. Thanks very much for your very professional service. We will be recommending you to others. Cheers. Paul


We just wanted to send a big "Thank you" to the team at the Fencing Factory.

We are very happy with our fences and gates and it was all definitely worth the wait. Right from the start with on... Read More

Sandy & Rob Smythe

Hi Fencing Factory crew,
Fitted all fence panels and gates on the weekend, Turned out perfect.

Just wanted to let you know what a great job you have all done, from the communications to the... Read More

Keith & Wendy Christie

Fencing Factory: a job well done! Very happy with what you guys have done and it has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again and we will see you next time.


The fence looks really good and we are all pleased with it, the installer did a neat job. Thanks for your great service!


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Dear Customers,

We are still open for business! We adhere to strict social distancing and can do "no contact" deliveries.

We have decided to CLOSE ON SATURDAYS for now. You can always order online or over the phone and we will contact you as soon as possible for delivery or pick up.

When you come into our shop, please adhere to social distancing and signage and use the hand sanitiser as instructed.

We are trying to stay open as long as we can and will keep you updated on any changes.

Stay Healthy and Safe please!