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Brand: Vuetrade

VUETRADE Split Joist Hangers are fast fixing, multi-purpose hangers for joist, beam and truss connections where timber is over the width of 50mm.

Also available in Stainess Steel.

• Suitable for wide joists
• Unique Nail Spike Feature – no hassle when positioning, because the hanger stays in position while you hammer!
• Meets & exceeds Australian Standard AS1720
• Galvanised finish for durability and long-life
• Australian Made – High quality, peace of mind, and supporting Aussie jobs

Warning: Use ONLY 30mm x 2.8mm VUETRADE hot-dipped galvanised connector plate nails into timber members and ensure to install them through pre-bored holes.

Product Code(s) Size Box Qty
VSJH120 120mm 30
VSJH140 140mm 30
VSJH180 180mm 30
VSJH220 220mm 20
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