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Sliding Gates

We specialise in the design and fabrication of manual or automatic sliding gates.

For Sliding Gate prices, please in the quantity enter the width of your opening between the gate posts and add 200mm. So for an opening of 4.0m between posts, you would enter 4.2. Choose the next higher size of 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m or 2.1m from your required height. We do make the gates to the actual size required but this is for calculating the price only.

The prices mentioned are for standard gates in the style chosen with a standard powder coat colour (if applicable). These prices are for the gate only and do not include any accessories needed to install the gate and are mentioned separately in our sliding gate category and our automation category. Please have a browse there for all items needed to make this gate work for you.

We also give great advice, so if you have any questions, we can help you out!

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