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TAP IN PLATE - 90mm X 180mm - ctn 34

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Product Details
Brand: Vuetrade

VUETRADE Tap In Plates are timesaving nail plates with built-in steel ‘teeth’, ideal for joining timber wall frames and top plates.

Also available in Stainess Steel.

• Timesaving – manufactured with built-in ‘teeth’
• Strong and secure connections
• Galvanised finish for durability and long-life
• Australian Made – High quality, peace of mind, and supporting Aussie jobs

Product Code(s) Size Box Qty
VTIP45120 45mm x 120mm 100
VTIP45180 45mm x 180mm 67
VTIP45240 45mm x 240mm 50
VTIP7060 70mm x 60mm 100
VTIP70120 70mm x 120mm 75
VTIP70180 70mm x 180mm 50
VTIP70240 70mm x 240mm 38
VTIP70300 70mm x 300mm 30
VTIP90120 90mm x 120mm 50
VTIP90180 90mm x 180mm 34
VTIP90240 90mm x 240mm 25
VTIP90300 90mm x 300mm 20
VTIP130120 130mm x 120mm 30
VTIP130180 130mm x 180mm 20
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